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    I was just wondering if anyone knew what I needed to do. I was looking at trying and buying an old firehouse but I can't find anything on how I need to go about it can anyone help me out.

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    "LEHIGH No. 1", one of the old volunteer houses, is currently for sale in the City of Bethlehem, Pa. Big place looks like it is in good condition, I imagine they want a pretty price for it!
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    Your best bet may be to look for departments that have recently consolidated their operations. Example: a few years ago Liberty, New York built a new firehouse to accomidate the three companies which make up the department, leaving three empty buildings. One (in the municipal building)was probably converted to other village use. One was sold for commercial use and I believe the third is still for sale.
    Multiple company departments who have aging firehouses are finding it more and more costly to up-keep and heat those facilities. They are either consolidating operations or out right building new firehouses for individual companies.

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