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    Default What Are My Chances?

    I am sure a question like this has been posted a hundred times, but there are a lot of experts on here, so I am going to ask anyway.

    I am currently a bombardier in the Air Force. I have 5 years in and looking to get out and be get on a fire dept sometime in fall 07 (hopefully Roch Mn!!). I will be 28 next feb (too old) and have been on a volunteer FF for 3 years. I have FF 1 and 2, Extrication and a varitey of other classes/courses. I have a bachelor degree in criminology (no relation i know) and working on my masters in Homeland Security and Emergency Mgmt. Starting in Jan i am going to get my EMT cert. Currently studying for aptitude tests and staying in shape for the PAT. Also working hardest on what i think is the most important (or so I have heard) part...the interview

    I love the Air Force, but I have come to realize that fighting fires and everything associated with it is my calling. Corny I know, but this IS the way I want to go.

    Any thoughts or suggestions you guys/gals may have on how you think I may do is appreciated.

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    Default Looks Good to me

    b52...Looks like you have "The Stamps" (experience) to me. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time and some exams under your belt. Its rare but it has been done....one test and then your hired. Myself I took alot of exams and finally made it. So hang in there and best of luck to you. I was a Naval Firefighter and made it....so can you.
    Jay Dudley, Retired Fire
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    Yes, you do have a very strong packege that would be desireable to many fire departments. Take as many fire department related courses you can while still in the military. In addition, I encourage you to enroll in fire science courses online. Also, work on your general education toward your associates degree.
    Lastly, at 28 you are reaching the AVERAGE age of getting hired as a firefighter on a municipal fire department.

    Good luck in your endeavors,

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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