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    Default Need some help figuring this out?

    Hey everyone, I took a Firefighter/EMT written test back in early July, I scored enough to pass 78.3 and we needed an 80 to pass to move onto the physical agility testing. The people with the 60 highest scores would move on. Well I got a letter saying I passed but did not score enough to move onto the testing process. Well I got a letter yesterday saying my application is still under consideration and I was invited to move onto the next step of the hiring process, the agility test. I wanted to ask, if anyone has been in this position before, what does this usually mean????

    Am I still under consideration or are they just trying to go through the list and me having little or no shot? Did a lot of people maybe not pass the interviews, background, or things like that?? My application is good for a year, dated back in June and tested in July. Anyway... didn't rank too great, scored OK, so not sure what to think??? Any help would be appreciated.


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    From my experience, I would guess that they didn't find what they were looking for in the top 60 and are moving down the list. I doubt they would waste your time (and their time) by inviting you to the agility. Good luck.

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    Very commonly the top of the list got hired, took a job elsewhere, failed a medical, psych etc. They are now hiring for another class and you are being considered. It is expensive and extremely time consuming to throw an exam. Gear upů..you are back in the game.

    Good luck,

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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