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    Exclamation Hello to everyone, welcome me!

    Just found this sweet lookin' site, loads of info. I'm not a firefighter, been thinking about becoming one for quite some time. Just turned 30 & in the process of looking into it and I'm very serious about it!

    There's so much info here, where should I start?

    1) What should I do first to get started in this field? What courses are best, I want my resume to be kick *** when I apply.

    Do I need an AA degree in Fire Technology?
    Volunteer work?
    Degree in EMT?

    Any info would be great, thanks!

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    Depending on where you're from, you can always start applying early before you have any certs. I got in on my Part time Dept in town and they pay for everything for me. I get my Firefighter 2 class paid for, and paid while I attend, same with EMT and paramedic. I couldn't think of a more perffect route.

    Not a lot of places are like that though, so start with getting your EMT, and then applying. If you can't find a paying gig, thats fine, work somewhere anyway, any expericence is better than none.

    You don't have to have a kickass resume before applying because you'll have no exp. so you're resume still won't be that great to them I don't think. Get in as fast as you can cause you're already a bit behind being 30.

    Good luck

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    Hey Rick,

    Welcome aboard!

    Here's a good place to start looking for info on classes, etc...http://www.fldfs.com/sfm/bfst/index.shtml

    Get your Florida standards and EMT ASAP. Most all Fla. departments require at least EMT. Continue on to Paramedic if you can swing it. That'll give you a great shot at a job in this state.

    Good luck!


    P.S. Visit the department(s) you want to work in and talk to the guys. That is one of your best resources of pertinant 411.
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