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    Default What do you do...

    to meet the 1910.134 respiratory standard with regard to SCBA annual training...do you require upgrade or testing annually for all wearers, etc...just curious. Thanks

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    We conduct annual medical exams to NFPA 1582 (Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments, 2003 edition), including quantitative fit testing (no banana oil tests).

    All SCBA maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. We have a written SCBA use and maintenance policy.

    We also have annual SCBA refresher training, including emergency operations.
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    Do an annual fit test, a service provided by our county fire training center, members are fit tested on their personal facepiece. We provide various sizes at the test in case a member is unable to pass with their current facepeice.

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    We also do anual fit test. All repairs are compleated by authorized dealer. (Scott 2.2)

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    do you require upgrade or testing annually for all wearers
    Yes. January is SCBA month for my department. Refresher on the SCBA, fit testing, and emergency procedures are demonstrated. We have a "mock" attic with wires to practice disentangling, a 2'x2' box for reduced profile, and a stud wall section for breaching.
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    Annual fit test, usually done by a member on light duty status. We have an old rescue all set up to test two at a time. They come to the station and we go out of service for the half hour it takes to get it done.

    We have also been doing air management training the past couple of years along with RIT drills. Bot done in a warehouse with props set up.

    We just recently switched to 45 min bottles and they also have rescue ropes in the waist belt that we have drilled with over the past year.

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    Yes we do. You must demonstrate donning the SCBA and be on air in less then 70 seconds. To long if ask me. Then we do confidance drills same as the attic theory mentioned before. You must also qualify on RIT connections. Locate and connect. All in a blacked out mask. You fail you are out of service. We also do a Mask fit test yearly.

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    We have a deicated air mask service unit which handles all the air and O2 needs of our department. It is staffed Mon-Fri by two 8hr. employees who are factory certified and authorized to make necessary repairs. These employees keep all of our airmasks in certification and operation.

    Our face pieces are fit tested twice a year. Once by our airmask services on a test manikan which tests the face piece and once by factory reps on the employee which tests the mask to the user.

    Also assigned to airmask is one 24 hr. employee that holds the rank of Driver. This employee staffs one of the air bottle trucks and responds to fire scenes in order to replenish bottles. The air truck also carries extra radio batteries and gatorade in order to supplement our Rehab truck which respons from the same location, but is only staffed over or below certain temperatures.

    You can check out a couple pics at:

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    Why do you want to meet this standard? What does it do for you or your department?

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