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    Currently im a firefighter / emt in the good ol state of Michigan. Actually, I use the english device we learned in school called sarcasm. I'm not sure if any of you follow the news, but currently the state of Michigan is in sad shape, But i digress. I'm looking to move somewhere. Anywhere. I'm still young so i want to move while I'm able to. I was wondering if anybody knew if my licensees and cert's will transfer or who to get in touch with to find out or to actually transfer my licensees.
    Also, im curious to know how the job scene is there. Right now, rougly 300 - 500 people will show up and test for 1 postion of FF/EMT. What is the average there? Is it easy to get a job to work for private EMS? basicly any information i can get would be great. I'm trying to resarch a little because it gets costly testing out of state. I'm looking for any advantage really. my e-mail is , or you can just PM me here. Also, if anybody ever thinks of actually moving to michigan, give me a shout. I'll try all i can to try and help out.


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    For EMS certifications in North Carolina, you can call North Carolina Office of EMS at 919-85-3935 to find if they would except your cert form Michigan. For Fire Certs you can call NC Dept Of Insurance- Fire and Rescue Commission at 1-800-634-7854 to check and see what transfers.

    I can't answer your questions about fire department jobs but we just hired 15 new employees for our EMS service. Only had 25 applicants to apply. Pretty easy to get an EMS job down here because so many positions and so few applicants. Didn't hire more applicants because they didn't pass their skills tests.

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