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    Default Pre-incident surveys/fire inspection

    Does anyone have any information on pre-incident survey forms or inspection forms? new job and just looking for some sample forms. thanks for any information you can give.


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    Here's a link to a sample of our form. We take notes in the field, enter data on form (via Excel) & create drawings (via Visio) at the station, and have secretary convert final form & drawing to html when complete. We keep them in a folder on a shared drive for in-house use and copy the folder to a CD for laptop use in the field. We also print a hard copy for use on revisits.

    This system has worked great so far. We have, though, just exceeded the amount of storage available on CD's and are having to explore other methods for use in the field.

    http://www.gainesville.org/pdfs/citydepartments.firedepartment.samplefirepreplan.p df

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