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    Default Oakland A's Move to Fremont

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    Default A's move to Fremont

    How did you two end up on a firehouse forum?

    A's moving to Fremont is the best thing for that area. Get over it.

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    Who really cares, as long as MLB has slugs playing that are dope heads and they are allowing non Americans to play. I could care less.

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    Talking Huh??...........

    Moving to Fremont??.......... Damn, I've been thru Fremont, and it's no where big eno...... Just make that Nowhere. I had no clue that a small town in Nebraska could land a MLB franchise......... Wow........... Huh?? What?? Oh. I thought the only Fremont is in Nebraska.....
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    Default oakland a's to fremont

    Perhaps being frozen half the year doesnt afford you much opportunity to travel. We are a little more fortunate, we have plenty of days of sunshine,

    It's 78 today here, in California...
    Hows the weather over there???? brrrrrrrrr!!

    So, what is in glenn dale,,,never heard of it..
    I looked at the 100 most populous cities in the U.S and never saw Glenn dale...
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