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    Default Whats going wrong?

    Well everybody, I did the shotgun approach, I put in applications for about 15 different departments that I would love to work for, but only heard back from three so far about the testing process. I know departments get back to people quick (or in my experience anyway) but I am just wondering, I put them in about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything. Some in state and some out of state, some have testing processes, others just have interviews and then medicals. I am just wondering, what's going wrong? I followed all the advice on a fire service resume, fill my application out completely. I have heard back from all of the departments I've applied at so far in the past few months (about 4) but none that I recently put in and Im getting a little anxious now. Some were small towns, others decent sized cities, but maybe I am getting impatient?

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    Default Patience

    Three weeks already? This is a process. Sometimes longer than you would like. Hang in there.

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