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    Default Periodic Physical Exam/Health Screening

    What does your department require?
    What is your schedule/timetable for physicals/exams?
    How do you break down the schedule? Age? Years? Certain number each year?
    Do you have any policy/guidelines you would like to share?

    We are new to this but I think everyone, if they can, should get there guys checked out.

    Thanks for the info

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    Default annuals

    Portland Fire and Rescue (Oregon)
    we are a part of the PHLAME study with OHSU. It is voluntary program and includes lab work and a submax cardio test. We are getting more guys on board. The first few years we caught a few guys with life threatening cardiac issue and a few had surgical intervention, the point is that they were caught in time. You can contact our nurse coordinator for more info and stats throught the website

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