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    Question Sides of buildings

    When assigning sides to a structure (Side A, B, C, D), how do you assign sides to, say, an "H" shaped apartment building?

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    Default Sides of the Building

    We don't consider the "sides" to be the walls so it would be the same as a rectangular building. This does not provide fine detail in extremely large, irregular buildings but keeps the issue of "sides" fairly straightforward.

    Ed Hartin, MS, EFO, MIFireE

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    We deal with H Types on a regular basis. We break the building (not the exposures) down this way. Looking from the front, starting on left is the A wing. Going to the right you will come to the Throat (the narrow part connecting the wings), next will be the B Wing...if it is a double H then we come to another Throat and then the C Wing. The wings are divided into front, middle and rear.

    Example:" Ladder xxx Roof to Batt. xx, we have fire in the A Wing, rear, extending into the Throat."

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    Ladder XX Roof to Batt XX, fire is in the rear of the a wing with fire showing from 2 windows K

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    Default agree with Mattyj

    Here in louisville , we have alot of these structures. Much like mattyj thats how we have done ours. Or should i say trained, we have made fire in an H but i wasnt on duty. No double H i know of here in louisville, but thinks for the tip if it comes up.

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