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    Default Afg 2007 - Scba ?

    Looking forward to AFG 2007.

    SCBA questions.

    Situation- We currently have 25 certified interior firefighters. We bought 8 new MSA SCBAs in 1999 with PASS Alarms and steel tanks (after saving for many years). Recently, our higher ups bought 10 more used packs from a dept. that got new packs through AFG. They are also MSA with composite bottles not sure of age prob. 1997s (bottles 2003 vintage). The masks are not compatible with our current MSAs.
    We are considered rural, avg. approx. 250 calls a year total, approx. 20 fire calls.

    How do you determine how many packs you can apply for?

    Can you make a point that new composite bottles would be lighter than our current steel bottles, and therefore less stressful on our firefighters?

    Can you make a point that we would like all our packs to be standardized?

    We do not have RIT Packs.

    All our interior firefighters do not have their own masks.

    Understanding that you dont have all our facts. Is this a project that would make it pass the computers? Or are our SCBAs to new?

    Thanks for any input.

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    # of packs you can apply for is the # of seats on apparatus, minimum 4 per truck per NFPA to meet 2in-2out.

    Most definitely make the point about lighter.

    Standards are always a good thing.

    RIT packs are good to have.

    Personal masks are good too.

    Past the computer? Coin toss. Under 8 years old doesn't scream need at all. 10-12, getting closer, 13+ definitely a need.

    And there's always my thought: if it's your greatest need after performing an assessment, then go for it because anything less of a priority definitely wouldn't have made it. Always go after the highest priority every time.

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