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    I start Fire school and EMT school on January 2. I came here to try to get a feel for what I have got myself into and try to get some advice how to act, what to do, what not to do, ect. before I make a complete fool of myself. Any advice would be great at any time.

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    Welcome to the fourms.. Read up because theres a ton of usefull information with a lot of years of service here. Enjoy
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    Been through fire school myself and I can give you some ideas that were given to me when I started. LOL! Be respectful, listen more than you speak, study, and study some more, take notes, take more notes, and study some more! LOL! And follow the rules. Some of them may seem pointless at times but they are all in place to prepare you to go out into the fire service prepared! Good luck!

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    Welcome and good luck in school.

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    Do what you are told, when you are told, and how you are told to do it. Don't act like you know it all because you don't. Follow those two tips and you should be fine. Oh, and study your butt off!!!!
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