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    Default Searching for a workout?

    Hey guys' i am trying to get into the fire fighting career, and im looking for a workout to bulk me up, and get my lungs into good shape as well. I am not out of shape by any means however, i feel i could loose a couple of pounds and gain some muscle. As of right now i do curls, situp, and work on my triceps. If anyone could help find a good workout to get me in better shape for the CPAT, and also for personal gain? Would greatly appreciate it!!! Have been searching but cannot find anything. I do work at a police department and we do have our own gym if that helps out.

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    Default try this one


    Here is a good circuit workout, overall body. Once you get the hang of it go thru with no rest. It willl get your heart rate up and an over all workout. Use dumbell heavy enough that the end of each set is difficult or you reach failure and have to bump down to a lighter weight.

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