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    Unhappy Fdny Rant

    I Miss The Rant And Wish That It Was Back. It Was An Addiction And Withdrawal Is Hard...

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    Question Question: nyc emt physical agility test

    (I don't know why i can't start a new thread but I can reply to one so I'm hoping someone will see this)
    I'm currently a emt volunteer and will start taking the classes in a few months and go through the process to be a fdny emt. Although it will be a while before I have to take the test I'm out of shape so i have to start training now. Does anybody from this area know the details of what is required for the physical agility test? I could just work out to get in shape but I think it would be better to know the specifics of weights/running times that I need to get to.

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    Post FDNY info

    marie24, you must a registered member of the forums to start a thread. I know because I started as a guest. It is free for the basic access.
    I would suggest you look in the Hiring & Employment Discussion section. There is usually at least one thread on the FDNY and some of the people that respond are on the job there.
    "Your spill is our thrill."

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    Smile Cheer Up!

    Quote Originally Posted by FIREWATCHER56 View Post
    I Miss The Rant And Wish That It Was Back. It Was An Addiction And Withdrawal Is Hard...
    The FDNY RANT is back up and running. Guess RANT Rehab got too crowded...

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    Default Fdny Ems

    FDNY EMS Physical Ability Test is fairly easy, it involves

    A stairmaster: 59 steps/second with a 40 lb weightd vest

    Lifting with your arms: you basically have to pull a stationary chain and create enough force with your arms 3 times

    Pushing some sort of bike wheel "ergonometer" a certain number of revolutions while lasting for 2 minutes

    Lifting with your legs: same thing as the arm lift but they make you change your form to involve your legs

    the bottom line with this test is if you smoke DONT, most people who were doing bad smoked cigarettes and it was very noticeable on the wheel section

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