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    Whats up guys, I currently live in Florida but am contemplating applying for Texas departments, as I have some family out there, but was wondering, would a state like Texas or any states that far usually take candidates from other states? I notice they have a lot of departments hiring so anyone that has moved far for a Firefighter position, let me know how it went.

    I've put applications, about 20 to be exact in nearby states and have heard nothing. what the heck.
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    if you have the certifications desired and move to the area in time to start work, why wouldn't they hire you if you are the best candidate? everyone i know will hire the best candidate, even if they are from russia, provided they meet the requirements and can be there to start work when they are required to. i think that would be illegal if they didn't hire you just because you applied while you lived in florida.

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    Default Don't move yet!

    The toughest thing to get hired in Florida is having that states certifications. If you have Florida certifications why are you leaving? Why not get hired in Florida first and then consider going somewhere else?

    Shall I move my family to the area I want to test for?

    Do yourself and your family a big favor. Donít even think about moving until you get the invitation in writing that you have the job. Never move away from family, friends, support and established connections thinking that will improve your chances of getting a badge.

    This is not the first time I've seen this question. A candidate is invited to the chiefís oral. He just knows they want him. He gives notice at his job, his apartment and finds a new apartment for the city he is being considered for. He starts packing. After the chiefís interview he is notified to complete the medical, given the date for the academy, uniform fitting and then the psych. He flies down to complete these items in two days. He goes by with his wife to check on the new apartment, flies home and waits for the mover to show up the next day.

    Donít touch that dial. There is something wrong with the psych interview. It comes back inconclusive. They want him to retake the psych. But the movers are on their way. I can taste that badge. I know they want me.

    A medic candidate moved his family from southern California to Seattle, so he could be in position for the next test. Although he made the list, he was going to have to wait until they got down to him. In the mean time the pressures built up at home, he lost his house in California to foreclosure, and got in a heated argument with his wife. The police arrived and arrested him for domestic violence. This at a time when he was in background for the next academy. Everything came to a full halt. Fortunately, in the state of Washington, if you complete the counseling and probation program and itís your first offense, you can appeal the court to remove the charge. Now a year later, this has been done. The Seattle list he was on expired. Now itís back to square one.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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