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    Thumbs down No intrest in FUBAR

    Dam i didnt think a tool with this much use could not get any replys from the worlds bravest.?? oh well guess the Boy's at 22's engine are on thier own....lol

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    O.K. I'll bite! What is a Stanley FUBAR tool?
    Brother, give us a minute its only been an hour and a half since you've posted the first thread and now you've started a sceond thread complaining no one is interested? A few of us have to actaully work or train on duty and nevermind the "honey do list" when we're home.
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    Stanley FUBAR:
    it was in the other posting...

    Sure I think it looks cool, but the more I work the less I really wanna carry. sounds like a pain getting in and out of the truck with that 18" bar banging in to everything. At first I wanted to be "Johnny on the Spot" and carry the entire toolbox in my pockets, the longer I'm on the more I realize it's just not really necessary 99% of the time. I still have allot to learn, I will be learning throughout my entire career so I am in no way writing gospel here. Just my opinion. For instance we have "crash bags" that have anything you could ever want for MVA except the Jaws in them. When we hop out of the truck we grab the bag on the way over to the accident and that has everything we need, instead of caring everything all the time. I guess what I'm saying is, why do you need a bag of golf tee's , shaving cream, and a battery disconnect wrench when your going to a medical call, or even an auto alarm-false alarm?

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