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    Default Chicago Paramedics

    Hey guys,
    I am having a hard time finding out who I need to contact about a Paramedic postion with the Chicago Fire Department. I am currently a medic with the St. Louis Fire Dept but I was hoping to work closer to home. I have been told to contact the Chicago EMS Bureau or the EMS training center to start the process of applying. If anyone has anything further I would appreciate it. Also if anyone knows how often they hire paramedics. I heard they have a high turnover as do most of the larger departments but I did not know how often they look to hire. If anyone works for the city please send me a message. I have a few questions on standing orders and such.



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    You should contact the department of personnel for the city of Chicago and asked to be put on a notification list. Tney will put your name on a list and send you a postcard when they are opening the list again. The last list was opened in 2004. The one before that was 2000. They are still processing off of the 2004 list. If they ever start hiring from the Fire Exam from 2006, they will be crossing medics over to fire side again, pretty rapidly. That will make the 2004 list get broken down quicker. I'd expect a new EMS list sometime in 2007 or early 2008.

    Get your Illinois EMTP license. It'll make processing smoother. Also, make sure you have more than enough continuing ed. They will disqualify you if you are under where they believe you should be (ie. 1.5 hours per month since your last relicensure). Hope that helps.

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