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    I received an e-mail from a candidate asking if they should use in their orals that they were a breast cancer survivor. Another asked is they should include they had ADD learning disabilities as part of answering their strength and weaknesses question.

    I understand why they want to include these but understand you’re looking for a seamless not surprises interview. You only have to create doubt in one raters mind that you might have problems with the demands of completing the academy, and performing the job once you hit the floor. That doubt could lower your score to be considered to go forward in the hiring process.

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    If the question "What is your greatest....accomplishment/strength/etc." is asked. I'd use "I survived XXXXXX". Other than that I wouldn't bring it up. Seems you are kind of looking for sympathy.
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    I can understand that being a cancer survivor is certainly a life-changing event. It really puts things into perspective about what is important in life. Please take a moment to put on a different hat, one of a manager. Cancer has a tendency to return. Some managers could look at this as a risk for the agency. I am not saying it is right, I am just suggesting it may hurt your chances of getting hired. It will ultimately be declared in a medical exam, but by then the selection has been made. I would not want to see someone hurt after having such a great personal challenge.

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