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    Exclamation a little advance advice

    This to all the staff that do the Hireing promoting and fireing of vol firefighters, before, you start the process of trying to run a person off from your dept. make shure you under stand what a mental disabilty known as A.D.D. is. lots of firefighters have it and are treateted like they do not know any thing, or they don't belong. truth is they are one of you best assets, when it comes to keeping your dept. inventorys up to date, and your station, looking like a fire station. and not a dump, this has happen to me, now they will have to take on six- seven new menbers to replace all the jobs i was doing alone with no help. From inspecting the trucks to keeping up with the new fema and DHS rules on protection gear, scba's, ect. pluse there is always the possablity of legal and civil rights issues that may come up.

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    I know a little about A.D.D.

    Just having this problem is no reason to kick someone off a dept. But I have a feeling that it may have been a little more than that. Maybe your inability to concentrate on certain tasks made them feel a little uneasy. You should reflect back on some of the problems you had as a member of this dept. If you were doing all the extra duty that you say you did, there must have been a very important reason why you were asked to leave.

    Of course there is always the possibility that the people running your old dept. just don't know what they are doing!!!!!!

    You should really talk to a specialist. There are ways to work through your problem (not just drugs). Anyway, let us know how you are doing. And take care and stay safe!!!
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

    Aggressive does not have to equal stupid.

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    wildcountryboy,unfortunatley some fd's can get rid of people for no reason what so ever. How ever I don't agree with it,(as people are'nt beating the doors down these days to be involved on depts) but do you really want to be around a group of people who don't want you around. I'd say #&#@ them! GOOD LUCK!

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