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    Red face Half Way?

    The latest recycled press release from the AFGP: "Announcements are planned for every Friday through the end of the year at approximately 6 a.m. There are approximately 5,000 grants worth $485-490 million to be awarded."

    By my spreadsheet, there have been 2552 awards (51%) totaling $262 (54%) million awarded in 11 rounds so far. At this rate, there would be approximately 9 more rounds ending Friday March 2nd.

    So, my current answer to the "When will we find out about the grant application?" question is "We will most likely know by mid February" ... be it a DJ, 1199, or 10 q's.

    Just trying to keep my mind busy. Checking my email and 1199 just isn't working anymore.


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    We'll have more updates before that point, probably one last big push to handle everyone else that's up for award. A handful on the bubble may go through mid-Feb but I don't see them stringing us along that far. Unless they are going to move the 2007 App Period back. After all, we haven't seen any hint of a workshop schedule and last year those started in November. So either they're going to be really busy with one every night, or we're going to be handling AFG apps in May-June range.

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