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    Talking Hello from Minnesota!

    Hello everyone. I must admit that I am not a fire fighter but I have been in EMS since '97. I now work as a dispatcher for an large ambulance service in Minnesota.

    I am here because I really don't know much about fire fighting. Although I worked on the street for 4.5 years and did often work with you I still didn't learn that much about everything else that you do. I recently started an EMS site that I have been playing with in my spare time and use it to fight off boredom while at work, and I would like to make it more fire fighter friendly. Since I don't really know anything I set out looking and found this awesome site that I'm sure will help me out as well as I have been reading quite a bit of the posts here for my own entertainment.

    Great site! I hope to meet more of you in the future, you can be sure that I have A LOT of questions.

    Have a great year.

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    Welcome to the site from Canada. Enjoy your stay
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    Welcome from a fellow Minnesotan. The EMS forums should provide you with endless hours of debate and protocal information and other EMS assorted crap. Then again if it wasn't for EMS, St. Paul wouldn't have the 400 or firefighters we have and the city wouldn't get a good portion of the 10-12 million it sends to the coffers.
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