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    Hi all.. I applied to a bunch of different departments throughout the region here. Well just got some letters about test dates and they are around the same time frame, so I know I won't be able to test with all of them. Some of them are on the same dates, some a day later or before. The departments are several hours away as well. Anyway, what should I do? Just test for the ones that I can make? And maybe apply later for the departments I don't test with?

    Also, if you don't show up for a written test or an agility test, do they hold that against you if you apply in the future, or are you forgotten about with so many people applying?

    I know I won't be able to make some of them

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    I think it'd be nice to just notify them that you have other obligations and wont be able to attend. This way they won't have much to hold against and will see that you were responsible enough to let them know you couldn't make it etc.
    As far as which ones to go to... That's up to you. I would say look into the depts a little bit and see what they have to offer. Perhaps ones larger and will have greater chances for advancement or better call ratios, or maybe one pays better and has graet benefits etc etc.. Consider everything before you burn those bridges. Fire Departments usually only hire once a year from what I've seen.
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    I agree with Tim. Call the department and give them the common courtesy of letting them know you won't be there.

    Be selective about where you test. It's not about quantity, rather quality. Taking every test around isn't always the best strategy. Slow down and be selective. Learn about the department and find out what is important to them. Do your home work and research the department. I bet you will see better results.

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    I would size them up and see which one do you think you have a better shot at. Does this FD want medics? Is that FD only hiring 1 or 2? Other wants 10+?

    Find the best odds and see if/where you can double up the test. Can you take one written in the AM and another in the PM?

    Put those odds in your favor.

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