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    Default FDNY Hire after 9/11

    This still may be a sensetive topic, but I respectfully request the help of FDNY guys, more specifically those guys who were hired after 9/11. I am doing a little research for a report on post 9/11 Fire Depts.

    For those of you who were hired after 9/11:
    What was the hiring process like? Anything different than a normal process? Were you rushed through training to fill in the gaps (I don't mean that disrespectfully)

    What was the working environment like?

    Do you think you were treated any better or worse than guys hired before 9/11? Was more/less expected from you.

    Also, if you have any stories or any other info you want to share about growing up in post 9/11 FDNY (funny, sad, inspirational, dangerous, "so there i was", anything) please share.

    thanks for the help, i'll post my report when it is complete.

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    I'm sure they where all put through same process because lack of training which the FDNY is not known for causes LODD's, and i'm sure the guys in the firehouse would make up and assist with any deffiencys some new guys may come in with. Because whether they have been there 20 days or 20 years no one wants to carry that casket.
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    Yea I agree. From what I hear, the training at FDNY's academy is intense. I'm sure they did a great job training the probies.

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