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    Default Homemade Hose Washers?

    Our department is considering building our own hose washer (to replace the time-honored tradition of stretching hoses out, scrubbing with a brush, and power-washing), and we're wondering if anyone out there has built your own hose-washer, or has suggestions on the same. Pics would be great!

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    This is what our hose washer looks like. I know it would be very easy to duplicate.

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    doenst look to very to duplicate to be honest with you... And that hose washer cost 13,500 dollars...

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    Default Hose washer

    Hey man, we came up with a washing system that works great, you hook it up to a hydrant, which we have at the station, push the first section into the open tube the pressure of the water helps it push tru. This system works great ,but you will get wet. I think they sell these kinds but it was easy to build. We use it more in the summer than in the winter. For obvious reasons. I dont have any pic at the moment but i could e-mail them to you if ya like.. Brother from Louisville, Ky

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    We've got one of those cheaper hose washers that you put the hose in the tube (did you know with enough pressure they'll quit working? ). However, when it's really dirty we've been known to drag one guy's pressure washer that he uses to wash his big trucks over to the firehouse. Crank up the heat, watch how close you get the nozzle to the hose, a little soap, a good rinse, and you get a nice clean hose. It's probably a big no-no, but what isn't these days.

    When we get hard up and he's not around, we'll hook the high-pressure line to our hose tester and wash them, sticking the soap tube in a bucket of dish soap and water or laundry detergent.

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