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    I just wanted to let the users of the boards here know that I, personally, requested that the thread regarding our new Crimson rescue engine be deleted. After thinking things over, we felt that it would be most respectful for the team of professionals that are working on the project if there were not active discussion of the project while it is still under construction.

    We were worried that some of the information in the thread could be misconstrued, so we felt that removing it in its entirety would be the best option.

    Our project engineer, as well as the staff of Crimson's Special Projects team, are some of the most dedicated, highly professional craftsmen that I have had the pleasure of working with. They have gone to great lengths to make sure that our rig is built to the highest standard, and performs exactly as intended when we put it into service.

    I'm glad that there was such a fantastic initial reception, and I'm looking forward to having a completed rescue engine for everyone to see.
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    Sorry to here that it was very interesting,cannot wait to see the finished truck. Iam sure it is harder for you.

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