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    Default Uncommon written test?

    I just took a written test and it wasn't at all what I was expecting or had studied. I have been studying Baarons, and 2 other "standardized" fire fighter test study books. The test I took today was more of a home-grown test. No math, tool, mechanical aptitude, floor memorization, etc. If I had to compare it to a FF test, it was really similar to the FF-1 exam (general FF knowledge). Is this uncommon, or do most fire depts have tests like this?

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    I'm testing with one of our local depts. It is not the standard test (reading comprehension, mechanical, basic tools, maps, etc.) They have a study guide they get from a company....it is all fire-fighting related (FF Orientation, FF Tools & Equipment, Homeland Security, First Aid & Rescue, SOP's.) The entire test comes from the 95 pg study guide. They specifically say, "DO NOT study anything else, just this guide."

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