I'm looking for some advice. Over two years ago I developed blood clots in my lungs. Luckily, I survived and taking coumidin as a normal treatment. I was medically cleared by numerous specialists and my normal MD. I had my normal fire department physical last year with no concerns. This year it comes back that I was fit for duty but with limitations, No ladders, crawling in darkness and exposure to electrical shocks. So needlist to say, I am currently on administration leave until my MD and the fire dept MD fight it out. Is this grounds for termination since there has been no change in meds for over 22 months? If I am forced out of the job by the Fire Department physician, does that fall under "on the job" pension? In Feburary, I would be on the job for 19 years and I am a Lieutenant. Anyone with some history and knowledge please reply back. Thanks.