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    Default Can you help me get this started

    I already searched for this topic but did not see what I needed. I am asking for help to start a program to educate my district on the importance of numbering mailboxes and houses. I can start from scratch but I was hoping to get maybee some newspaper ads or other things that I can cheat off of and maybe any ideas where I can get free, cheap vinyl numbers for the elderly etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Address numbers

    Here are a couple of sources:

    Scotts Valley Fire Protection District (Calif.) uses a sign-making company that pays the district a commission. Contact Chief Mike McMurry, mmcmurry@scottsvalleyfire.com. The company probably has marketing materials you can adapt.

    Ben Lomond Fire Protection District (Calif.) has an arrangement with a local building supply store to provide house numbers at a discount. Contact Chief John Charcho, chief2200@pacbell.net.

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    Reflective numbered signs are county mandated in our area......but nobody does it.....usually when we take an excessive amount of time to respond to a house without the sign.....and we tell them why it took so long....the entire street has them within a few weeks.

    We are currently doing a fundraiser for our vollie dept where we go door to door selling them for 15$....the dept makes them up for $5 each........and we educate the public on the need for them at the same time.

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    Check with the city, town, burg, village, county and the US Post Office, that you live in and they will have an ordiance, requiring this!

    The Post Office will not deliver mail if the address isn't posted on or near the box!

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