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    Default Mistake in the 10 questions from DHS ????

    I just received my 10 questions today after receiving the 1099 on Tues. As I was going through the questions, I noticed that the questions were addressed to someone other than me. I also noticed that in question number 7b, the EIN number that they say I submitted, is not mine. I did receive the email, so they have my email address right, it also referrences my correct grant ID number and fire dept. name. Has this happend to anyone else? Could they have two fire departments somehow joined together as one in there computer?

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    I got the same thing.

    Called the help desk, he said 'was the app number in the message line our app number?? I said yes, he said the computer 'merge' feature messed up and the letters all went out with the same name and EIN. Was told to 'cut and paste' the letter into a reply, make the changes to contact and EIN, and submit the reply. They will probably remail and you can wait for that as well. Your choice...... I sent mine with the corrections.


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    Mine were screwed up too. I'll do the same thing. I don't want to take any chances on missing out now.
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    What a relief to see this post!
    I had the same thing today. Fire department name, grant number, and e mail were correct but it was addressed to the wrong person and had the wrong EIN just like cheifheavy.
    I made the corrections, answered the questions, and e mailed it back. Since I didn't get my e mail until after the help desk closed, I figured I had to wait Saturday, Sunday, a federal holiday Monday and all the way 'till Tuesday to find out what was going on.
    We have a reference number to a 2006 grant on our 1199-A so things are looking up!!!

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    Happened to me also. Ours was addressed to Mr. Chip Plankenhorn. Still have the reference number on the 1199a though.

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    IN the other thread on the same subject line DHS said that the email merge didn't work, so the name in the email didn't change, but the app # in the subject line is correct. So they are all valid questions for the recipient, so answer them as if your name was Chip.

    Looks like someone forgot an rs.movenext in the email app. Software nerd, can't get it out of the brain after 15+ years.

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    Default Same Here

    Got the 10 question letter yesterday and noticed the same errors. I simply corrected the incorrect information and responded to the questions. Our application number was correct, but not much else.
    Sent the fixed reply and now am waiting...

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