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    Default Recent E-One's and Ferrara's

    I realize that all apparatus manufacturers will produce a "lemon" from time to time and that no one is perfect. I would like input about RECENT experiences with E-One and Ferrara apparatus. I am not interested in hearing about trucks from the 80's or 90's or your local dealer or service center. I am interested in quality issues, warranty claims, overall experience with the pre-build and construction process, etc.

    Please leave Pierce, Sutphen, KME, etc etc etc out of it. Thanks.

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    We have recently recieved about 11 Ferrara pumpers (2006) and 7 Ferrara/Smeal 107' aerials (2006). Before that our department bought about 64 pumpers and 20 aerials from E-One. Downstairs at this moment is a '00 E-One Cyclone II pumper sitting next to one of the aforementioned Ferrara/Smeal aerials which replaced a '00 E-One Hurricane 100' aerial.

    So if you have specific questions, let me know.
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    I am guessing your from Houston, even though I am not living in America, I am interested in your goings on, how are the Ferrara's holding up?

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    We run a 100ft. Ferrara tower with no major problems.

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