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    Quote Originally Posted by MMedrow21 View Post
    like i said before in the thread im sorry i started so many my computer was acting all funny. I just got back from talking to their chief, and they would like to hire me however i do not have my firefighter 1 certification, but he said he would keep my application and let me know when the area academy is starting classes. They will send me through it which is nice. He also said that they just ordered gear in November and will be getting their new stuff soon. So he will keep in touch with me and will try and get me some gear.
    It seems odd to me that they won't hire you because you are not FF1. When I was hired I had no qualifications (except some experience as an Explorer) and I was still allowed to be on the truck if there was room with the only exception being that I couldn't pack up. Also, I've never heard of anyone using their own gear besides boots or a helmet. So, I don't know why you would be required to spend a couple thousand dollars on your own gear.

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    I might have a set of 2007 compliant Quaker gear for sell.....what you looking to spend?

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    Default Still looking

    Still looking for gear?

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    Default Gear

    I assume you are taking the certification course through a technical college like I did. Check with the fire cordinator at the school and see if they have gear to supply you with for now. They did for me.

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    What dept are you talking about? Just wondering since I'm from WI as well. I'm guessing somewhere up north since there aren't too many volly depts in SE WI. If you went through your FFI at MATC-Milwaukee, I know they rent out gear for about $100. They also were selling a lot recently. I think they may have bought new gear or something. So maybe call them and see what they have to offer for sale.

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    Default Need Gear

    I might be interested in your gear. My department has supplied me with gear, but I do not trust it. Their gear came complete with three-four inch mouse holes on the jacket. Also, it is big enough for myself and another person to fit. Anyways, you get the picture. I would defintely be interested if it is nice shape and might fit. Please get back with me on price and size. Thansk.

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