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    Talking Thank you Cpt. Bob + Cpt. Rob

    Captain Bob, Captain Rob.

    Please add me to the long list of people who have recived a badge because of your help. I thank you and my family thanks you. I am writing to inform you that I am a probationary Firefighter for a dream Fire Department and am relaxing at home on my first 4-day off. You and Rob helped me with my preparation and direction going into some oral interviews. Not only did I get this job, but I had to turn down some (4 to be exact) Chief's interviews during the academy from other fire departments. I worked hard, begged and borrowed for over five years in order to get a badge and not untill I followed your instructions ( tape recorder, video taping, writing down my script) and got some coaching from Cptn. Rob did everything come together. As I mentioned, not only did I get a job, I made it to the chief's interview every test that I took afterwards. Now I get to live the dream.

    Thank you very much.


    Firefighter / EMT

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    How cool is it that the work I do on my days off can help people reach their dreams? There is nothing cooler than coming home and getting a message or email like this. It never gets old.

    Congratulations Fernando!!! I may have help a little but you did this yourself. You were the only one in that room and it was the things you have done in your past, and how your related them to the panel that got you the job. I just helped you work more efficiently. Great Job

    Now the real work starts. You first year on a department is very hard. There are so many things to learn, people to meet, and like it or not you are forming the reputation that will follow you for the rest of your career. I know if you put the same effort into the job as you did getting it you will do spectacular.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Default Capt Bob & Rob come through again

    This is to let everyone know do not ever give up on being a firefighter. Alot of people told me there is no program to use, well I have 19 years of fire service experience and worked for the DoD as a civilian firefighter, and due to BRAC closures was worried what would happen if my base closed. I ordered the program to help go through the interview process, because of my time as a line officer and staff officer, I thought starting out again would be horrible. I was applying for every job from firefighter to fire chief. With my certifications and degrees, I was willing to get any position a department would hire me for. Well Tuesday night I was sworn in as fire & ems chief. I used the entry level program to refresh alot of strategies on how to give my presentation, and I used the recorder so much I think I wore it out. But their program really works and is worth the money. This interview board selected me as #1 and the compition was no where near me. The one thing all interviewers stated was I was extremely comfortable in the HOT SEAT, was personable, and had used nuggets and life stories to obtain the position. My retirement is safe, and I made my dream as a fire chief. If you have tried and tried again to obtain a firefighters job and cannot get past the oral, get the program follow the steps and practice, practice and practice, not everyone gets all 15 council members to vote for you becuase of how well you stated your experience and how well you maintained your composure when fighting for a job.


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    Default Great work!!!!!

    If you are testing and your results letter doesn't have a score in the hiring range you have to start asking yourself why. How can you make the difference to be over forty on the list and to be in the top ten going to the chief's oral to nail a badge like the guys have posted here? I’ve just written a new article for Firehouse.com you can read here:


    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"


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