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    Post Tax Deductions

    Anybody know of a good and legit web site to find Career FF tax deductions?

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    Actually, I would just go to the IRS site. There have been a number of changes (as is so common in anything governmental) that were done after the forms were printed (the tuituion credit is a good example). Believe it or not, the IRS site is actually very helpful in telling you what you can and cannot deduct.


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    If you're talking about employee deductions for expenditures incurred with respect to your job, this is probably the most appropriate place to start:

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    Even before you know for sure,save reciepts for stuff bought on your own,whther at a fire school/convention or from Galls or whereever you mail order stuff.
    It should be any expense that is job specific and not normally paid by your employer will be deductible.Your own helmet,gloves,turnouts,boots,bailout rope,etc definitely qualify.Your own SCBA or BLS bag may or may not.
    Check into that,though.My sister and her husband both work for the IRS and that makes me about as knowledgeable about tax law as being the Chief's kid makes him knowing about firefighting on his 18th birthday.

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