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    Default Age Limit for Hiring Firefighters

    I have a question; why are so many fire departments have an age limit of 35. I have a brother who is 38 and he is more qualified that most of the career fireifhters now. He has college in Fire Science, FFII, EMT, Hazmat Ops. Instructor I, but since he started late he can't test in most departments. I would take him in a fire with our dept. than half of the other guys that are on now. This should be age discrimination or am I wrong!!!!!!!!!!! If the person is able to do the job it shouldn't matter of their AGE.

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    Default Boot the 35

    I agree with you, it should be age discrimination, you right, If they can do the job who cares of the age, they say it's because of the retirement, but leave that up to the person. If this is what they want then let them!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree, get rid of the age limit

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    Default Age

    The reason is no one wants to step up and make an age descrimination charge against those departments.

    The oldest non medic we have seen hired was age 47. He beat his son out on the same list.

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