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    Default Preparing for academy running

    I like using the elliptical running machines but the question is will these prepare me for actual running for the academy. Due to my previous knee injury I try to keep to low impact even though high impact really does not bother it. I just need some advice on how to best prepare for the running in the academy. I will add I did not find my answer using the search feature.

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    I'm in the same boat you are - preparing for an academy. If you have access to any stairs or hills those would work good. Just go up, down, up, down, and maybe add some leg weights or other weight as resistance. We have a stairmill in my dept's gym so I've been using that. I guarantee you 15 min going up and down stairs will work your legs harder then 15 min of running flat.

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    I've a couple of knee surgeries including an ACL repair. I have been able to run after every one.

    To thinks that I found are having a good pair of running shoes and starting off slowly. Don't skip on the shoes and replace them often. The cushioning the shoes breaks down with use.

    Start by walking. I usually do things for time not distance. After each surgery I just started walking for 10 minutes. I increased it by to 20 minutes over about 5 weeks. After that I began alternating jogging with walking, 5 minute walking, 1 minute jogging, 2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.

    Start lengthening the time you spend jogging until you are going for the whole 20 minutes. Then you can increase your time.

    After you build a good base, you can start working on speed and distance. Interval training is great for firefighters because it trains your heart to recover quickly.

    Check out some of the running websites. Most have beginner runner's plans.

    Also, find out how far you will be running in the academy and develop your plan to get to this level.


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    A standard distance around here for our fire academy is 1.5 miles in 12 mins. What we seem to do more often then that though are wind sprints (about 50 yards each way) in full turn-outs while carrying hose on your shoulder. Some of what I am doing to train is running up hills and running up stairs (like stadium stairs). The stair machines at gyms are nice but boring if you ask me.

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    Default Academy running

    I amtring to get on at a big department soon and know that running will be a part of academy training. I am healthy and very active, train with cardio and weights at least 5 days a week, but my problem is ever since i was in high school i have had a problem with getting shin splints when running on asphalt or anything other than a treadmill. I got shin splints real bad in high school and had too see a specilaist for special insoles and told me i would probable always be prone to getting them for some reason about how my feet land. I can fight fire b/c i used to be a fulltime ff, my aerobic and physical conditioning is not a problem i am a picture of healtha nd wllness, but when it comes to having to jog or run on hard surfcaes i am doomed. I can do all other forms of aerobic conditioning walk long distances at a fast pace, stair climb, cycle, etc., but as soon as i start the repetitive pounding of running i get shin problems. I know in the academy i will have too run, i do not want to look like i am not able, but i also do not want to get the job but be dismissed b/c i can not run, that is not going to be the job, i can fight fire am very knowledgable and fit. What can i do that will enable me to stay in the academy without looking weak and tring to get out of physical training. I would be willing to walk 2 x the running distance or cycle on a stationary bike for however long the insructors tell me , but i just know that once i get shin splints my academt days will be over. HELP.

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