just read the article, it says it all. here in florida, litigation being my middle name state, i guess we are not the only one anymore.

it is true over a period of time, high intensiy noise will cause hearing damage, myself has had some damage in my 10 yrs o the job plus 4yrs in the boiler room in the nav. depts. should take steps to minimize it, head sets on the rigs while not being totally perfect, it is better than running down the road with the Qs screaming with the windows down. also with running tools, at times i have to get onto my guys during moring run-ups.

we as firemen know hearing damage can happen with the job, i do not agree with the statement that the parts distrubutor owner who made a statement regarding sensitivity, he sounds like and idoit.

we as adults who know the risks should take percautions also,i carry ear plugs, but i think suing federal is not the answer, we should look to our own depts. for resolutions, hopefully yours gives a crap about you, mine does, thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i do sempathize with the brothers, having hearing damage and loss sucks, hopefully when i retire i will have decent hearing, which is relative i know.

hopefully down the road when this pans out we will not sue the nozzle manufactures when we get water in our boots......