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    I just turned 18, I would like to become a firefighter, but I'm having trouble finding a volunteer firehouse as most volunteer firehouses require you to live in the area. I live in Warwick and I'm having trouble finding a volunteer firehouse.

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    The Kingston Fire Dept. accepts volunteers regardless of location. KFD serves the University of RI and the surrounding town of Kingston, RI. It's the only volunteer dept in RI that is staffed 24 hours a day. It would work well for you because you can attend drills and then pull a duty shift overnight then drive home etc. I'm a probie in Kingston and I love it. Great people, great training and great equipment. go to and check it out.

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    Hopkins Hill Fire Department in Coventry. Thats where I'm at. Training every Tuesday night!

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    Thanks I'll definitely check them out.

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    I started at Hopkins Hill Fire Department in Coventry. They are the best at what they do and the very best at getting us ready for what we do. The hill has claim to many guy's being where they are all over the country. The bonds these guys create are usually lifelong ( anyone from the Hill who wears it on their sleeve knows what I mean ) If you want a career and want to learn from the best in RI then go to The Hill.

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