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    Default IL to FL transfer

    Does anyone know if IL FFII and IL FFIII transfer to FL. I am in the process of trying to submit my certs to challenge the FL FFI & FFII test. When I talk to the FL standards office, they just say send in the stuff and don't have a list of what states qualify. I've been having difficulty with my fire academy trying to fill out the info and am just going to send in my certs and hope for the best. I've been career for 6 years and am also a medic. Has anyone from IL challenged the FL test or does anyone know any tricks to get accepted to take the FL challenge test? Thanks

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    Make sure you send copies never know whos gonna loss what... otherwise i sorta have the same question if anyone else has information but im looking for a Michigan to FL, or Michigan to Virginia, and MI to Washington right now? Thanks alot guys

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    Alright guys, this is what I know.

    I'm a recently certified Firefighter II/EMT in the State of Florida. From everyone I've spoken too this' the deal of transfers involving Florida. They don't take any National Accredited Fire Certs, and VERY FEW state certificates transfer over(I know Texas is one that does). Florida State Fire Marshal holds the certifcates in this state in high regard.

    If they do transfer over I believe you will still have to challenge the State written and practical. On the state written you can expect 15 1st Responder questions that are obviously very basic(just dumb it down), 10 general Hazmat questions, and 75 Fire questions(know stuff such as - how often should you examine SCBA valves and regulators, how often to test fire hose, how often firefighters should train - alot of time frame type questions). Practical consists of doning SCBA under 1:45 seconds, hose pull under 2:30 seconds, 24 Ladder carry & raise 2:45 seconds. Some of the common fireground skills they like testing on are tie a pike pole, pick axe, roof ladder, or exhaust fan for hoisting, forcing entry into a window/door, going up a ladder with a tool, common hose appliance stuff, kelly loop, ERG book, etc.

    Try to find out if any of the verbalizations differ from your state to florida if you have to challenge the test, that would be really the only thing that could trip you up. Stuff is all very basic.

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