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    Question Any Army FF at Fort Lewis WA

    I am in Block II At Goodfellow and have to report to Ft. Lewis in May. I am a 92Ffueler re-classed to a 21M. Wondering how is Ft. lewis like for a 21M besides it rains alot.

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    while i am not army, nor do i have any useful info for you about Ft. Lewis, WA. I just wanted to wish you luck coming through the Academy. I am also at the Academy, in Block VI with our final burn tomorrow, and a graduation date of Friday. Next thing you know You will also be in Block VI as it seemed like the school flew by.


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    excellent department! I think their military do like they do where Im at and even wear civilian uniforms.... could be wrong though.

    Never have heard a bad thing about that place.

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    I was stationed at Ft Lewis a looooong time ago, but LOVED the place.

    The rain and fog took some getting used to, but there is a ton of things to do and see in the Pacific Northwest. Get out and see the area!
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    Default Firefighter at Ft. Lewis

    I am the Fire Team Chief for the 537th FF Det here at Ft. Lewis. I also work w/the 506th FF Det here. You should like it here. Just worry about finishing school, and when you get here we will get you up to speed on everything you will need to know. I have one question.....Is there anyone else at the school on their way here? I am budgeting right now for more gear and would like the heads up.. Thanks for your interest, and pass the school. We will hook you up when you get here... Have fun, and what is your exact report date? Good Luck

    SSG Woronka,
    email me if you have any more questions, or if you need some help w/anything...........

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