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    Wow guys, I'm not the first to make excuses but I just took an agility test earlier today. The total time to complete it was 12 minutes. I got to the last station, my time being 8:00 minutes exactly. It was simulating a hose roll, where we pushed a roll of inch and three quarter hose for a total of two times, back and forth. It took me literally 1 minute, and when I finished the proctor said my time was 12:56. Now I am not making excuses as I've passed some agility tests and failed some, all my fault, but this was questionable, I know it didn't take four minutes, as I seen the watch on 8:00 minutes at the time. And I won't say anything about it to the department, but I'm beginning to have doubts of being hired.

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    If the passing score was 12:00 and your time was 12:56, I would agree with you when you say you have doubts about getting hired.

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    Could be worse- you could be part of one of two groups of candidates, one of whom had a previously-unnanounced time limit on their physical, and one that didn't.

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