1. Who was the first Dept / Agency to use a TI in firefighting in the US?
FDNY – followed by Overland Park Kansas? Is that right Mike?

That one I believe is disputed. FDNY would have to be in there, from there you might also have to include:
- US Forest Service
- Depts that Larry Stevens worked with
- Depts that David Kearney / Raytheon worked with

Those all go back into the 70's and 80's, well before the mid 90's boom. Funny that the "Amereica Burning Study" published in 1973 talked about Thermal Imaging.
In the late 80's, 88 or 89 my US Navy Ship got our first Thermal Imaging Camera. Saved my butt on one fire in the evaporator room. Didn't have bunker gear or SCBA's (old OBA's still), but we had a TIC. LOL