My name is Kyle Chapin from Enfield, CT Fire. In Dec. of 2005 we sold one of our pumpers to Firemaster of Sprinfield, MO who sold it to another department. We all in CT are interested in seeing where it is now and what it looks like but we can't find out where it is. Rumor was it was in Arkansas but when I called Firemaster they told me it was in Missouri but could not give me any further information. We also heard the Firemaster may have done some work to it (new paint, larger water tank). We've kind of hit a dead end. The rig is a 1985 Pierce Arrow 1500/500 2 door w/ open jump seats. It had a rear booster reel and one unique feature was its oversized Deck-gun. I have attached two links showing pictures of the rig shortly before she left. Any help is greatly appreciated.