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Thread: parapet roofs

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    Default parapet roofs

    what is your policy on using a ladder truck to get on and off parapet roofs?

    are you using other ladders to get on and off the ladder truck to the roof?

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    Depends on the height of the parapet. Many times its easier to hit the rear and get over with no parapet.

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    We will go onto the roof if the parapet isn't too high, if it's too high, we use a roof ladder that is fastened to the end of the stick. Like halligan said, we will try other sides of the building, but that may not always be possible. Depends on the situation, always consider the means of egress..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mook13 View Post
    what is your policy on using a ladder truck to get on and off parapet roofs?

    are you using other ladders to get on and off the ladder truck to the roof?
    There is no set policy. It is up to the man to know if he will need an addition ladder. It isn't to hard to figure this out. If in doubt due to smoke covering the roof surface...drop a halligan or hook and listen to hear when it hits. Most times one just swings around to beneath the ladder and holds on while testing the roof surface with ones boots.

    It is pretty rare that a parapet is that high that one would need a ladder to get down to the roof. At least around here.

    We don't waste time attempting to ladder a portion of the roof without a parapet...a. unlikely that it is possible, B. takes too much time and likely places the ladder away from where it is needed most.


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    Also keep in mind, very often our Roofman will take the interior stairs of an attatched (same height) building to get to the fire building roof (and is the number one choice by our books), which free's up the aerial ladder for use to VES by the chauffer, although I prefer using the aerial, given a choice.

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