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    Default Promo Products

    I was wondering what companies depts are using for promo items such as fire hats, stickers etc. Thanks

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    My department we use, Ross Industries, they are fairly reasonable for things like pencils, pens, tattoos, etc.

    Fire hats we use FireSafetyMedia

    Badges we use Stoffel Seals

    Coloring books we order from NFPA and we also order free ones from USFA-FEMA.

    If I can be of more help feel free to email me or call me.

    Antoinette Hastings
    Assistant Fire Marshal
    Wichita Falls, Texas
    (940) 761-7907

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    Default promo products

    For my Community Service programs, I use Franklin Products. They are very reasonable - especially when you are buying mass quantities. I typically order 10,000 jr. ff stickers (6 cents each) and 15,000 fire safety imprinted pencils (16 cents each), and 10,000 activity books (.44 cents each).

    Leslie - Greensboro Fire Department, Greensboro, NC

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    Been using Colorfully Yours for years:
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