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    Default Power Hawk Rescue Tools

    Posted this in the FF' s forum but thought it might get some input here...looking for thoughts/opinions good, bad or otherwise on Power Hawk's line of battery operated rescue tools (spreader, cutter, rams, sawzall), preferably from those who use/have used it or tried them in a demo or field trial.

    They seem to make a pretty good product that while not intended to replace hydraulics meets a need be it for RIT or collapse rescue (tight spaces, often O2 deficient) as well as for those depts. that can't afford hydraulics but want something other than a Halligan for extrication.

    Also curious to hear thoughts on how Power Hawk stacks up to other brands of battery packs offered by the hydraulic tool vendors (Hurst, Holmatro, etc.).

    Look forward to hearing everyone's input...thanks for the help...Stay Safe..

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    We demo'd them a few years ago and broke the tip on the first spread on a Toyota Corolla. The city department bought a few and after about six months they never saw the light of day again.

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    I have used them a few times, but more in USAR work. They are great for that due to the battery and the ability to move and adjust the angle of the blades. As for vehicle rescue, I haven't heard good or bad otherwise.
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    Thumbs up Power Hawk

    I have used them in two of my past departments, excellent for FAST/USAR purposes. In regards to extrication the tool works very well the deceiving point is that it doesn't make alot of noise and has no hoses so alot of people feel that it doesn't have the power neccesary. I have personally cut through nader posts and hinges with little effort. But again it comes down to the comptence and experience of the operator, a good operator will succeed with whatever tool or tools they have available. The only limitation on the tool is whether or not you keep the battery charged, this should be a no brainer. Stay Safe.

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