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    Wink Specific Drivers Licence for driving a

    I am interested in purchasing for our home a 1933 Seagrave or a 1946-47 American LaFrance open air fire trucks, or a similiar parade vehicle.

    Can anyone tell me would I need a special drivers license in New York to drive these type trucks? they are either 8 or 16 passengers. One vechicle that I saw and liked weighted 8800 lbs. My intentions are to drive the trucks to local orphanages and take the kids out for rides. Do I need to put in seat belts in the back seats, which I would do anyway, however I wanted to know if it is is illeagle to drive without them.

    Any idea where I can locate vechiles such as these?

    Thanking you in advance!

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    Keep your eye on e-bay, I have seen a few pop up from time to time.

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    Default Things to think about

    First it does not matter how much the truck weighs, it's the GVW that is going to determine if you need a CDL. If I'm not mistaken, if it is over 26,000 GVW you will need a class B CDL.

    If you plan on driving children around make sure you have lots of insurance. A few months ago up here in NH a Cub Scout was killed that fell under the wheels of a small trailer he was riding on in a parade. I'd hate to have that happen to anyone but imagine the law suit that will be.

    If NY is like any other state seat belts are required for anyone riding in a moving vehicle. Why would a fire truck used the way you are considering be any different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomwnh View Post

    If NY is like any other state seat belts are required for anyone riding in a moving vehicle.
    Yes, "seat belts are required for anyone riding in a moving vehicle," however...NOT REQUIRED in a lousy school bus. WHAT! Better yet, the motorcycle cop who gives the driver a $200 ticket for non-compliance...isn't wearing one either. WHAT! I was born at night...but not last night!

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