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    You make great points. Again, thank you for your time and effort on these message boards.

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    Chief Lepore, you give great advice and your book helped me finally get over that oral board hump but I gotta disagree with you, a suit and tie during a written doesn't do much. I went through the process with a few guys that were wearing suits you would see celebrities wear, and they didn't get hired. Maybe in Cali though... I hear the competition is brutual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCLepore View Post

    I especially like the posts from CANDIDATES who share what THEY wear for a written exam like they are an expert. Ifyou are still taking written exams to get hired, I don't believe you qualify as an expert.........

    No one on here, other than you, are proclaiming themselves as an expert. The "Candidates" are simply stating the FACT that FD's in the whole country doesn't run their hiring process EXACTLY like yours....

    Like I said before, most of your posts are very informative, but no need to bash others that dont agree with you..

    Sorry to question your authority though, sir. Cause i am just a dumb candidate.

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    You wrote:
    "The "Candidates" are simply stating the FACT that FD's in the whole country doesn't run their hiring process EXACTLY like yours...."

    Excellent point.... not all fire departments proctor the written exams.

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    I ended up goin in with dress slacks and a button up. I saw all kinds of guys in Fd shirts and sweatshirts. One guy even wore his turn out coat. Thankyou for all the support again. I felt I did well on the test. Only a month to wait to hear back.

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