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    Smile Need help, any suggestion is highly appreciated.

    Hi All,

    I really need help as my boss has asked me to find out how to export our innovative fire escape equipment. Our product is called URGENT FIREPAK, which evolved from incidents that occurred over and over in many fire accidents at many many places where people lost their lives from very simple cause: lack of breathable air while trying to escape from the smoke-filled buildings: many were highrises, hotels, shopping malls and factories. Those death shouldn't have had happened if they could only have a few more minutes to free themselves out from the suffocating area.

    From our product design department, with consultation from experts in various organizations related to fire accidents and rescue, we had put some thought together to invent something that can carry? THE LAST MINUTE FRESH AIR for people in need to breath with confidence in such situation in order TO INCREASE THEIR CHANCE OF SURVIVE.

    We have exported in many countries, but we are still looking for more dealers in many countries. If you have any suggestion or recommended, please feel free to contact me at khunvi@hotmail.com.

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    ??????????????????????????????????????????????!!!! !!!!!!!

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    I'm going to call this SPAM.
    My words stated here do not necessarily point towards organizations which I am affiliated with.

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    Is this an attempt to advertise for free?
    All Gave Some. Some Gave All.
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    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.

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