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    Smile EMS Bunker Gear

    Our ambulance service is presently looking at several different manufacturers to supply our service with EMS Bunker Gear. If anybody could answer the following questions or give any other insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

    What brand name do you use?

    Nomex outershell?

    Suspenders or waistbelt?

    Fleece liner?

    Extrication Gloves? What brand?

    EMS Jacket or EMS Coat?

    How many pockets?

    What incidents require the bunker gear? Any SOP's would be great!

    Any other information would be awesome.

    Thank You

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    We run with two different ambulance services, one county has gear just like firefighter PPE (i think morning pride, theirs is a defferent color,black w/ blue helmets) with extrication gloves (unknow brand) and they just throw it in a box on the truck, the other ambulance service however uses no firefighter PPE just an EMS Jump suit due to all departments in the county doing the extrication

    All that I have posted are only my opinions and absolutely have nothing to do with my department and any other affiliations.

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